Personal Number (Norwegian ID-number)

Sist oppdatert: 10.12.2013 // Norwegian citizens who were either born abroad or have not been residents in Norway since 1964, must obtain a personal number before a Norwegian Passport can be applied for. An application must be made through the Norwegian Embassy in Amman, Jordan. If you are uncertain of whether you have a personal number, please contact the Embassy.

Applications for a personal number must be lodged in person with both parents at our embassy in Amman.

The application for a personal number should include the following documents:

  • Acknowledgement of paternity form must be signed by both parents – you can download the form from here:

In Norwegian:

In English:


  • Original Birth certificate -  translated into English and verified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Jordan/Iraq.
  • Original Marriage certificate/contract of the child’s parents if parents are married, translated into English and verified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Jordan/Iraq
  • Original passports of both parents  (Applicants residing in Iraq should present their original Iraq identity card & Nationality certificate) even if they possess a Norwegian passport.
  • The child’s Jordanian/Iraqi passport (if the child possesses this)

Kindly note that the applications for a personal number will be forwarded to Skatt Nord (Folkeregisteret) in Tromsø, Norway, for processing.  Applicants from Iraq will be asked for a DNA test.


Routines for DNA test are as follows:


Skatt Nord in Tromsø (Folkeregisteret), receives the application for a personal number from the Embassy. Skatt Nord Tromsø will inform the applicant about the requirement for the DNA test and give instructions regarding payment for the test.

  • After having received the payment, Folkeregisteret will send the DNA test kit to the Embassy.
  • The Embassy will request the applicant to come to the Embassy in Amman to have the DNA samples taken. The samples will be sent to Norway for analysis.
  • Folkeregisteret will inform the applicant and Embassy on the decision. It takes about 6-8 weeks from the date when DNA samples are sent from the Embassy until a decision on personal number is made.



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