Personal Number (Norwegian ID-number)

23.11.2015 // Norwegian citizens who were either born abroad or have not been residents in Norway since 1964, must obtain a personal number before applying for a Norwegian passport. An application must be made through the Norwegian Embassy in Amman, Jordan. If you are uncertain of whether you have a personal number, please contact the Embassy.

Applications for a personal number must be lodged in person with both parents at the embassy in Amman, after prior appointment. 

To book an appointment, send an email to Please specify:

  • Name of the child applying for a personal number and date of birth
  • Names of parents
  • Personal number of parent(s) with Norwegian citizenship
  • Phone number
  • Preferred date.

The application for a personal number should include the following documents: 

  • Original Birth certificate -  translated into English and legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Jordan/Iraq.
  • The child’s Jordanian/Iraqi passport (if the child possesses this)
  • Original Marriage certificate/contract of the child’s parents if parents are married, translated into English and verified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Jordan/Iraq
  • Original passports of both parents  (Applicants residing in Iraq should present their original Iraqi identity card, nationality certificate and passport, even if they possess a Norwegian passport.)

Please note that we do not accept legalizations from the Kurdish authorities, all documents from Iraqi applicants must be legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Baghdad.


The applications for  personal number will be forwarded to Skatt Nord (Folkeregisteret) in Tromsø, Norway, for processing.  Applicants from Iraq will be asked for a DNA test. 

Routines for DNA test are as follows:


Skatt Nord in Tromsø (Folkeregisteret), receives the application for a personal number from the Embassy. Skatt Nord will inform the applicant about the requirement for the DNA test and give instructions regarding payment for the test.

  • After having received the payment, Skatt Nord will send the DNA test kit to the Embassy.
  • The Embassy will request the applicant to come to the Embassy in Amman to have the DNA samples taken. The samples will be sent to Norway for analysis.
  • Skatt Nord will inform the applicant and Embassy on the decision. It takes about 6-8 weeks from the date when DNA samples are sent from the Embassy until a decision on personal number is made.



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